Tom Hanks Regains A Measure Of Cool

Fresh off his triumph hosting “SNL” and playing a Trump supporter on “Black Jeopardy,” Tom Hanks has gone to Florence for the premiere of “Inferno” and rapped with a couple of cool young dudes. Watch here.

This “Amadeus” Sounds Thrilling

amadeus4738The Guardian gushes about a new production at London’s National Theatre: ‘Peter Shaffer, whose death in June is marked by this revival of his most popular play, once wrote that he hoped “Amadeus” would “enjoy a vigorous life in many differing productions”. His wish is certainly granted by Michael Longhurst’s production which turns it into an epic piece of music-theatre. It comes complete with 16 actors, six singers and the 20-strong Southbank Sinfonia and, while occasionally overblown, it reminds us of Shaffer’s talent for creating memorable theatrical spectacles.’ Lucian Msamati (pictured) plays Salieri.

Cultural Illiteracy In The Ivy League

fassbendermte5ntu2mze2ntyzodaxnjexfassbinder61406444We live in a world in which students at Harvard and Yale and Columbia don’t know who the Vice President is but they do know everything about Brad and Angelina or Kanye and Kim. Further evidence of this trend, from Columbia arts professor Christina Kallas: “I asked a class of 40 who has seen an Ingmar Bergman film before. Two raised their hand. I asked them, dreading the answer, who knows who Ingmar Bergman is. The same two raised their hand. Then you wouldn’t know who Fassbinder is, I said, and this time twenty students said a loud ‘I do.’ For a second there my hopes rose, irrationally. Then I woke up. They meant Michael, not Rainer Werner. With an e, not an i. And this is Ivy League. And this is New York. This, my friends, is the new illiteracy. And we have to do something about it.”

“Westworld”: Who Is Secretly A Robot?

westworld0394092344Ever since the first few minutes of the “Westworld” series premiere tricked fans into thinking an android character was actually human, they’ve been waiting for such a move to get pulled again. There are all sorts of theories about who might secretly been birthed by a 3D printer (and, for the record, we don’t know either). Of course, it’s also possible the entire “Westworld” backstage team is indeed human and nobody is secretly a replicant after all. Here are the current theories about Who Is Secretly a Robot.

Bon Iver Is Selling Flannel Shirts

boniver20160930_200003_10291_956465Bon Iver have made a very smart merchandise choice: They’ve decided to sell some special flannel shirts as part of their merchandise for22, A Million.” Produced by Ambient Inks, the red flannel shirt is emblazoned with their recent album’s cryptic iconography. Place an order for a shirt here.

How Cowley & Sylvester Changed Dance Music

sylvester4268Sylvester was San Francisco’s biggest star and Patrick Cowley’s muse – a larger-than-life presence around town in the 1970s, dressed to the nines and often carrying multiple shopping bags as he walked down Castro Street. Over the past several years, the San Francisco label Dark Entries has been unearthing Cowley’s unreleased output, much of it thought to be lost. The latest release, “Candida Cosmica,” is an intriguing collection of experimental synthesizer music made by Cowley between 1973 and 1975 with his erstwhile lover and collaborator Candida Vadalla, also known as Miss Candida Royalle, who died earlier this year.

Abba Announces Virtual-Experience Event

abba3584God: “Mamma Mia!” finally exits Broadway and we have to endure this. It still seems unlikely a full public Abba reunion will ever happen, but the Swedish quartet are pushing themselves back towards the spotlight. Four months after they performed together for the first time in more than 30 years – at a private gala event in Stockholm in June – they have announced that they will launch a “virtual and live experience” next year. The project, in partnership with Spice Girls svengali Simon Fuller and Universal Music Group, is being billed as “a groundbreaking venture that will utilise the very latest in digital and virtual-reality technology … which will enable a new generation of fans to see, hear, and feel Abba in a way previously unimagined.”