Thank You, President Trump!

I hadn’t watched this Looney Tunes character since I was six or seven, so I’m beholden to Orange Face for sending me back in the cartoon’s direction.

A Celebration Of The Great Tennessee Williams And Of A City He Loved: New Orleans

Bryan Batt hosts this celebration of Tennessee Williams, the city he loved, and the festival that claims him as their patron saint. “We asked our friends, all actors, nationally, internationally, and locally known, to all come together and recite poems or quotes or tell great stories about doing a Tennessee Williams play or even meeting Tennessee Williams. And the result, I think you’re going to enjoy,” says Batt. The show is a fundraiser for The Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival, which had to cancel its 5-day festival just 12 days before its opening event in March due to Covid-19.

But Your Stage Version Wasn’t?

Andrew Lloyd Webber has finally come clean about the movie version of his stage musical “Cats”: “The whole thing was ridiculous.” Details here.

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

TV/Streaming: Remember that you need to switch this weekend from or to if you want to keep watching the network. I’m doing my annual summer binge of “The Sopranos,” “The Wire,” and “Deadwood” so you can be darn sure I made the switch…Books: The Booker Prize has announced its long list and the only novel on it I’ve read is Hilary Mantel’s “The Mirror & The Light,” which I recommend…Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” is getting rave reviews. I took a listen and I understand why it’s generating such praise. But its tunes aren’t very catchy and I can’t dance to it…Sports: MLB’s season is collapsing amidst covid cases. The NFL is next, but there’s way to much money at stake to halt the reopening of American football…Finally: I’d rather have it hot than cold but I wouldn’t mind a sunny 80-degree day sometime soon.

“Black Is King” Arrives Tomorrow

Emmy Noms: The Biggest Snub

All the lists of Emmy snubs this year focus on this person or that person but to me by far the biggest snub is that amongst the dozens of nominees in major categories not one was Latinx. Rosy Cordero provides context.

Olivia/Joan Feud: A Timeline

“If I die first, she’ll be furious”: The Oscar-winning silver screen sisters — Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine — traded many barbs over the years. provides a timeline.