Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Can’t get enough “Hamilton”? Then listen to the Muppets sing all of the show’s first act here…The Metropolitan Opera continues to crack open its archives with nightly streaming of musical glories…The new movie “First Cow” is apparently charming…An Italian friend has turned me on to Netflix’s “Manhunt,” about the Unabomber…Mark Doty’s new book about Walt Whitman is worth your attention…All the upcoming NBA games are scheduled for covid-spiking Florida, so ask yourself: would you attend a game there even if you could?…Have you hugged your child today? I’ve hugged my dog at least 10 times!

Oprah To Tackle “1619 Project”

Good news! Oprah WinfreyThe New York Times and Lionsgate are partnering on a series of feature films and television shows based on “The 1619 Project.” The collaboration was announced Wednesday, nearly a year after the Times debuted “The 1619 Project” series to re-examine the legacy of slavery in the United States on the 400th anniversary of the first Africans’ arrival in Virginia. Nikole Hannah-Jones, who was the architect of the series, won a 2020 Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

Jude Law To Play Captain Hook?

It may be happening. Law is a good actor and will do the part justice. All the same, I haven’t gotten scared by a Captain Hook since Cyril Ritchard hung up his spurs.

Raul Esparza In “Tartuffe”

Moliere in the Park presents “Tartuffe,” starring Mr. Esparza. I tuned in because I’m a big fan of Richard Wilbur’s rhymed translation. Enjoy.

Composer Morricone Dies At 91

Ennio Morricone, who has died at 91, was my favorite living movie composer. Everybody knows his haunting score to “The Mission,” but I love his music to Bertolucci’s “1900.” Nobody loved woodwinds like Morricone. R.I.P.

Your Weekend: What To Watch


Homage To Hopper 2020

Sketchpad by Jason Adam Katzenstein, from The New Yorker.