Lindsay’s New Look Is Pure Liz

Lindsay Lohan has played Elizabeth Taylor in a movie (and, years before that, she did a Liz photo shoot for Interview), but now, thanks the magic of Photoshop, Lindsay has appropriate Miss Liz‘s curly-blonde look.

Toronto: Saving Sam The Record Man

“Since selling its final CD in 2007, Torontonians have been waiting to find out what would happen to the flashing neon discs that used to lure them into Sam the Record Man’s flagship store for nearly 40 years. … City officials were able to finally secure the storefront’s fate earlier this month – on top of a mid-rise tower one block away.”

“Big Bang” Has Big Changes In Store

Money seems to be a running theme when it comes to “The Big Bang Theory.” After news that contracts for the original cast had yet to be signed with only two weeks to go before filming, it seems art has now mirrored life. While Kaley Cuoco is one of the stars in line for a major pay raise when Season 8 returns this Fall, it looks like her character will be cashing in a bigger check as well. Chuck Lorre told reporters at this year’s TCAs that big changes are planned for Penny’s storyline when the hit series finally does air this Read more »

Almereyda’s Film About Chris Killip

Michael Almereyda is currently finishing up his film of Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline,” but an earlier flick, the short “Skinningrove,” which won the short-film-jury award at Sundance, is viewable. In it, the photographer Chris Killip (pictured), presents a group of photographs from the 1980s, taken in and around the village of Skinningrove, in North Yorkshire, and recalls his relationships with the subjects.

Jay & Bey: Who Cares If They Split?

In a column asking the pop-music gods to keep Jay Z and Beyonce together, Brian Moylan writes: ‘The only thing people on the internet love more than ogling cat videos and hating on haters (they’re gonna hate!) is loving Beyoncé. The singer truly is the “Queen Bee“: every single she drops is “phenomenal”, every dance she does is “amazing”, and every dress she wears is “unBeylieavable”. That’s why it’s so odd to hear these rumors of her perfect union to Jay Z being on the rocks.’ I have to say that if (more likely: when) this alpha couple splits up, the universe will not crash in realignment. The world will go on and Jay and Bey will find other partners. I kinda wish they’d already split already.

“Shakespeare In Love”: Rave Review

Lee Hall‘s stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning film “Shakespeare in Love” opens tonight in London, but Charles Spencer has jumped the gun a bit in The Telegraph, filing a review that says the production is “the best comedy since ‘One Man, Two Guvnors.’” I’d link you to Spencer’s full review, but The Telegraph has a paywall. Other reviews will dribble out later today, and I’ll link to those. Meanwhile, Big Ben Brantley of the NY Times was considerably less amused.

Japanese “Vagina Artist” Is Out Of Jail

I’d like to know what my friend Dee Sushi thinks about this: Megumi Igarishi, known as the Japanese “vagina artist,” has been freed from police custody after a week in jail following her arrest on obscenity charges. The 42-year-old sculptor and illustrator, also known as Rokudenashiko, which translates to “Good-for-nothing girl,” launched a crowdfunding campaign online to build a kayak in the shape of her genitals. But despite Japan’s prominent pornography industry, it still forbids the public depiction of actual genitalia. And after raising 1 million yen ($9,865) via crowdfunding, she was arrested last Saturday for “distributing data that could create an obscene shape through a 3-D printer,” a police spokesman told AFP. In a statement issued after her release on Saturday, Igarashi responded: “That was an unjust arrest. I don’t think my genitals are obscene.”