No Posting On Tuesday

Tuesday is a travel day for me, so I will not be posting again here until Wednesday.

Caitlyn Does Pride — For Career Purposes

Caitlyn Jenner beamed with pride as she joined New Yorkers over the weekend to celebrate Pride. Donning a white lady-like ensemble, the star arrived to PH-D at Dream Downtown, where she celebrated and watched Candis Cayne’s DayDream show. The former Olympian was surrounded by six friends and was being filmed for her reality TV show. Of course it was: you don’t think any member of the Kardashian clan can ever do anything that’s not for money, do you?

The Who Throw Shade At Kanye

Kanye who? Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey from The Who took issue with Kanye West‘s declaration at Glastonbury that he was the “greatest living rock star on the planet” — and started a “rebellion” against the Yeezus hitmaker live on stage on Sunday, June 28. The night before, West had spoken to fans at the British festival, declaring himself to be pretty awesome. “I’m going to say this tonight because 20 years from now, 30 years from now, 40 years from now, I Read more »

“Magic Mike XXL”: Fun Or Fizzle?

THR’s Todd McCarthy, who used to be a reliable critic but isn’t anymore, says that “Magic Mike XXL” is “ridiculously entertaining.” But I suspect Variety is closer to the mark when it says “One needn’t have spent much time on dating sites to know that guys have a tendency to exaggerate where size is concerned, so fans of Warner Bros.’ 2012 striptease sleeper should set their expectations accordingly over “Magic Mike XXL.”’

BET Awards: The Highlights

The 15th annual BET Awards were a total treat on Sunday night, with a special tribute to Janet Jackson, a Bad Boy Records reunion, and show-stopping performances from Kendrick Lamar and the Empire cast. From Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech (hi, Mama Minaj!) to the Black-ish guest spots, here are the highlights from this year’s awards.

Ang Lee Talks About “Brokeback” Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of “Brokeback Mountain,” which made history as the first gay romance to cross over into the mainstream, eventually grossing $178 million worldwide. Nearly a decade later, it’s still the most successful same-sex love story that Hollywood has ever produced. The film’s director Ang Lee and producer James Schamus spoke to Variety in separate conversations about their memories of the movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger as closeted cowboys.

Lost Harlem Renaissance Opera Soars

This past weekend’s concert-presentation revival of “Voodoo” – a 1914 opera by Harlem Renaissance composer Harry Lawrence Freeman – clearly fell into the glorious latter category. Known in his own time as “the colored Wagner” (given his declared love of the German opera heavyweight), this colleague of Scott Joplin was also steeped in American melody. He wrote more than 20 operas, in addition to composing some pop tunes. While no public recordings of his operas survive, one did play at Carnegie Hall in 1947. Not heard for nearly 90 years, “Voodoo”’s blend of late-Romantic orchestration and American folk Read more »