Spielberg Addresses “West Side” Concerns

At a town hall with University of Puerto Rico students and faculty, the director, flanked by screenwriter Tony Kushner, said his remake of the musical will strive for authenticity. Critics say the problems go deeper than that. Details.

Fiction Biopic About Gerhard Richter

Never Look Away, the latest film from the German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, based on German artist Gerhard Richter, doesn’t need sensational manifestations of creative genius to carry its water. It has some of the darker hours of history on its side, along with the redemptive power of art—the film’s actual subject. Before reaching that point, von Donnersmarck makes pit stops at sex and evil, and not just for fun.

Carol Channing: A Naughty Story

She told me this when I once had dinner with her. “You know, Brendan, that shortly after Charles” — her husband of 42 years, Charles Lowe — “and I were married I decided that he could use a little help in the love-making department. I sent him to a lady of the evening who was expert in such things. The next morning, the woman called me and said the situation was hopeless. ‘Why?’ I asked. ‘Because Charles is gay,’ she replied. ‘Oh,’ I said. ‘I guess that explains all the muscle magazines.'”


No point posting about her passing without photos or video — and being unable at the moment to post photos or video is part of my tech problem. To be solved soon, I hope. In the meantime, God is at the pearl (Pearlie?) gates and saying: “Hello, Dolly! You’re back where you belong.”

Technical Difficulties At LemonWade

We are experiencing some problems today on this site. I am hoping they will be fixed later today. Thanks for your understanding.

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: The adulation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues with “On the Basis of Sex.” And there’s a new version of Henry James’s “The Aspern Papers.” TV/Streaming: I will probably be the last person you know to watch “Bird Box” on Netflix. The Cleveland Orchestra celebrates its centennial Friday on PBS.  The third season of “True Detective,” starring Oscar favorite Mahershala Ali, debuts Sunday on HBO. Music: Justin Hurwitz’s Theremin-based soundtrack for “The First Man” is kooky and wonderful. The inventor of kooky and wonderful was Frank Zappa — here are his “Roxy Performances.” Books: I’ve been re-reading the marvelous Hungarian writer Sandor Marai, especially “Embers” and “Casanova in Bolzano.” Sports: I think I may manage to avoid watching the entire NFL playoff season — except the Super Bowl halftime show, of course. Finally: I love the cold quiet of New York in January.

Documentary: “Ask Dr. Ruth”

The incredible life story of sex therapist Dr. Ruth is the focus of a new documentary titled Ask Dr. Ruth. The film will premiere at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival, with a theatrical run and a Hulu-exclusive release planned for later in the year.