Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Tina Fey? Jane Fonda? Adam Driver? “This Is Where I Leave You” sounds like a watch-on-the-plane movie to me. “Pump” is an intriguing documentary about our oil addiction. Television: “The Roosevelts” wraps on on Saturday night: I’m in withdrawal already! “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” which I missed in movie theatres, airs on HBO on Sunday. Music: The news that Yusuf/Cat Stevens will be coming to perform in the U.S. for the first time in centuries has boosted his CD sales. Books: The new Martin Amis novel, “Zone of Interest,” about the Holocaust, has been generating controversy, but I didn’t find it objectionable in the least. Sports: I have to confess that all the NFL scandal is making me think twice about watching football lately. Finally: Put away the tank tops: autumn has arrived.

Exhibition Highlights People Who Jumped

Sourced from obscure newspaper clippings from around the world, Sarah Charlesworth’s photographs of bodies in mid-flight are cropped, re-photographed, magnified, and then mounted on the walls of the Art Institute of Chicago. (“Falling Man,” the harrowing Associated Press photograph of an anonymous man diving headfirst from the North Tower on September 11, 2001, is not included.) With some prints as tall as six-and-a-half feet, the photographs – a collection of 14 Read more »

Joan’s Doc To Be Aired On PBS

The continuing fascination with Joan Rivers has been a little startling, no? She was 81 years old, and when did the media go into overdrive for so long for someone that ancient? But she was that rare thing: beloved. By all ages. And she made us laugh. And we miss that. For proof of that comic ability, here’s this: PBS stations around the country will air the critically acclaimed Joan Rivers documentary, “Joan Rivers – A Piece of Work,” Sept. 23. As part of the American Masters series, the documentary about the late Emmy-winning talk-show host and Tony-nominated actress will be broadcast in the New York area on WNET 13 at 10:30 PM ET; check local listings.

Ang Lee To Tackle Football Project

Ang Lee never met a literary adaptation he couldn’t tackle, it seems. The multi-Oscar winner, who directed “Brokeback Mountain” and who’s been largely absent since winning Best Director for “Life of Pi,” has picked his next project: Ben Fountain’s celebrated 2012 novel “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” about a group of Iraq war vets, including 19-year-old Billy Lynn, who must endure a Thanksgiving Day football game in Texas on their exhaustive “Victory Tour” before they return to the war. I wonder just how much Mr. Lee knows about football. No matter: he is just about the only big-name director who could make a successful film about just about anything. No typecasting him.

Jack White Goes On A Rant

During his show at Fenway Park in Boston the other night, Jack White went on a four-minute tirade that took shots at Foo Fighters and Rolling Stone. He declared that “most performers don’t use microphones anymore, you know,” saying most singers “don’t use microphones that have cords.” He chastised Foo Fighters for having a second guitar player “playing the same parts” to cover up for any mistakes that might be made. He also mocked Rolling Stone for their web content, joking that the site was Read more »

Moyers Says Show Is Ending

I’m pulverised by this news: Bill Moyers has notified public television stations that his weekly series “Moyers & Company” will end after the Jan. 2 program. He made a similar announcement last October, but changed his mind in the face of an outpouring of support from his fans on social media. This time, however, “it’s the real deal,” he wrote in the Sept. 11 letter, which was first reported by the trade publication Current. Mr. Moyers said, “A few months ago I began to hear what Shakespeare described as that ‘inaudible and noiseless foot of time’ that only you can identify as the stranger suddenly trotting beside you.” His website,, which contains an archive of much of his public television programming since 1971, will remain up indefinitely.

Beyoncé As Booty-Fied As The Others

I have to laugh every time that Beyoncé gets all prim and proper and looks down her nose at supposedly slutty interlopers like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Beyoncé is just as salacious as all of her sisters. This week, on holiday in Europe, she released a batch of booty photos and, judging by the degree of exposure, she might think twice before she ever breezes haughtily past Kim Kardashian. Yes, Bey can sing and dance and Kim can’t. But they are both essentially selling sex. That’s a fact.