Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Your kids will love “Aladdin” but you might find it frenetic…Can’t wait to see “Booksmart,” about a couple of experienced-starved smart teen girls. TV/Streaming: Megan Hilty goes “Live from Lincoln Center” on PBS on Friday…Memorial Day is a wasteland in terms of new streaming content, so I’ll probably binge on some Inspector Morse. Music: When I see all the baby boomer pablum on the top of the Amazon charts I want to listen to gangsta rap and speed metal. Or Mado Robin hitting Bb over high C. Books: I generally devour George Packer’s new books, but I have no interest in diplomat Richard Holbrooke, the subject of Packer’s latest tome. Sports: It’s all about the Indy 500 this weekend, plus some NBA: I’m sorry about Toronto clawing back into the series because I can’t stand their biggest fan Drake patrolling the sidelines. Finally: Remember what Memorial Day is about — the brave men and women who’ve served in our forces.

Glorious Exhibit Of Leonardo’s Drawings

The Telegraph: “It isn’t easy to be objective about Leonardo da Vinci. The moment you confront the ultimate Renaissance Man, you’re hit by five hundred years of hyperbole – from Vasari to Dan Brown – that knocks rational assessment aside. The ludicrous £460 million paid for his Salvator Mundi – the highest sum ever for a painting – confirms his status as a figure to whom the normal rules don’t apply.  
The one place you can get an intimate sense of Leonardo, however, is through his drawings, 200 of which are displayed in a new exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery, London, marking the 400th anniversary of his death. In terms of numbers of works, it is the biggest UK Leonardo exhibition since 1952.”

“L Word”: Changed Title But Still White

It’s extraordinary to me that in 2019 “The L Word” — now called “The L Word: Generation Q” –is returning with such a mostly white cast. It’s as if programs like “Orange Is the New Black” haven’t existed since “The L Word” went off the air in 2009.

Cabaret Singer Baby Jane Dies

LemonWade is saddened to report the passing of cabaret legend Baby Jane Dexter, who died last night at The Actors Home following a long illness. A mainstay of cabaret stages all over, Baby Jane began her career in the 1970’s and continued performing her cabaret shows through 2017. Throughout her storied career she was seen at an endless array of major venues throughout the country, including Reno Sweeney, The Ballroom, Eighty Eight’s, Blues Alley, The Kennedy Center and Weill Recital Hall, as well as regular performances at New York City’s Metropolitan Room.

Quentin’s Problem With Women

From David Rooney’s THR review of Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which has debuted at Cannes: ‘The folks who found the violence against the one significant female character in The Hateful Eight especially noxious will have more to complain about here, while others who respond to the mellow groove of the Rick-Cliff dynamic will possibly find the swerve into gnarly Grand Guignol a little jarring.’

Kathy Griffin Tells Her Hellish Story

You didn’t think she’d shut up, did you? “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story,” a documentary comedy from the star comedian, has sold to Brainstorm Media for a special theatrical release this summer. The movie will play in U.S. theaters on July 31, for a one-night special event. Fathom Events is a partner on the deal, and Griffin will join audiences for a live Q&A following the film. “A Hell of a Story,” which is directed by Troy Miller, premiered at SXSW in March to strong reviews. The film takes place at the end of Griffin’s recent “Laugh Your Head Off” tour, where she discusses the fallout from a controversial 2017 photograph where she posed with a fake severed head that looks like it belonged to Donald Trump.

“Game Of Thrones”: Thank God It’s Over

An estimated 90 percent of Americans have never seen a single second of “Game of Thrones.” But the series’ fans act as if it’s the Super Bowl. I stopped watching the show after an especially vile rape and murder of a woman in season 3. I tuned in last night briefly to the series finale and was both reminded why I used to watch the show and why I stopped.