Artist & Picasso Muse Dies At 101

Guettel/Lucas Show Opens To Great Reviews

“Days of Wine and Roses” has opened off-Broadway. I’m seeing it this week. Until then, here are some of the terrific reviews. Kelli O’Hara and Brian D’Arcy James (pictured) are the stars.

Susan Boyle Returns To “Les Miz”

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: It’s odd but I’m hearing remarkably little buzz about “Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse”…I’d rather see “Medellin,” every though it’s about a now-stereotypical subject: a Columbian drug cartel…TV/Streaming: What will privileged white people find to watch now that “Succession” is over? I’m sure HBO — sorry: Max — is cooking something up…Books: The witty Paul Rudnick has a new novel: “Farrell Covington and the Limits of Style”…Music: The media have moved on from Tina Turner, but I’m still listening to her music every day…Sports: In the NBA finals, Denver has the better team but Miami has…what?.

Carol Burnett Birthday Special Is A Monster Hit — and CBS Has Egg On Its Face

Variety reports: You’d think CBS would have jumped at the chance to snag Carol Burnett’s “90 Years of Laughter + Love” birthday special. Not only did the comedy legend’s variety show run on the network for 11 seasons, but so did its 50th anniversary special in 2017.

“We first went to CBS, but they passed,” Burnett told me at an FYC event for the birthday special. “I did my show with them and all my specials, so naturally we went to them.”

Fortunately, NBC bought the special, and it went on to score an impressive 7.6 million viewers. It’s now favored to pick up an Emmy nomination. “NBC couldn’t have been greater,” she said. “They’ve been so supportive right from the get-go.”

What Films Won Top Prizes At Cannes?

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “The Little Mermaid” probably isn’t as charming as any of the previous versions but I’d take my kids anyway if I had some…TV/Streaming: Is “Succession” over yet? Is it safe for me to return to HBO now? Sorry, I meant Max…Books: Patrick Mackie’s “Mozart in Motion” is strewn with imaginative insights into the greatest Western composer — I read it while listening to the master’s music…Music: And, as long as I’m talking about Mozart, how could I until now never have listened to the “Cosi fan Tutte” recording featuring Leontyne Price and Tatiana Troyanos, two of my favorite singers?…Sports: Nuggets vs. Heat in the NBA finals? Not so fast! The Celtics aren’t dead yet.