Did Prince Have AIDS?

That’s what the National Enquirer, relying on “unidentified law-enforcement sources,” is claiming. The rag says that Prince contracted HIV in the mid-1990s and his condition developed into AIDS six months ago. The story goes on to say that Prince “did not get treatment because he thought God would heal him.” (I thought he was Jehovah’s Witness, not a Christian Scientist.) It won’t be long before we discover, from more reliable outlets, whether this story is accurate.

Art War Over “Missing” Picasso Portrait

The Miami Herald reports: ‘A Manhattan billionaire and an Aventura art dealer are entangled in a very public tug-of-war — over Picasso’s very valuable lover. But how things got to this point is a bit of an artful mystery. Socialite Wilma “Billie” Tisch, the 88-year-old widow of real estate magnate Laurence Tisch, filed a lawsuit in New York on Wednesday contending that a 1928 painting by Pablo Picasso entitled “Portrait De Marie-Therese” was stolen from her New York home sometime after 2009 — but she didn’t notice it was missing until a few weeks ago.’ Her home must be yuge. Holding the portrait is that Florida art dealer Kenneth Hendel. [photo: Patrick Farrell/Miami Herald]

“Hemingway In Cuba”: Sparks Doesn’t Spark

The reviews for the “Hemingway in Cuba” movie might have caused Papa to train one of his big-game weapons on a few critics. The Guardian says the movie is “a complete, mortifying embarrassment.” THR says: ‘When his Hemingway lurches for his gun in a desperate suicide attempt, you don’t particularly want to stop him.” And Movie Nation says that Adrian Sparks, in the title role, “has all the screen presence of a third runner-up in a Key West Hemingway look-alike contest.” Ouch.

“Baywatch”: The Rock Meets The Hoff

Dwayne Johnson has been providing peeks of the in-production “Baywatch” movie on his Instagram account. I’ve shared images of Priyanka Chopra and Pam Anderson but here’s one of Johnson and David Hasselhoff. Men of a certain age will appreciate why that piece of equipment discreetly obscures the mid-section.

Theatre: What To See (And Not See) In NYC

King and Country: Shakespeare‘s Great Cycle of Kings: Far and away the one unmissable thing right now. This series at BAM consists of “Richard II,” “Henry IV, Part I,” Henry IV, Part II,” and “Henry V.” Antony Sher’s Falstaff (pictured) is stupendous. Fully Committed: Becky Mode’s one-person play about a restaurant reservations-taker, starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson, is good fun, but worked better years ago in a small off-Broadway house. American Psycho: People over 40 generally dislike this musical adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s yuppie-serial-killer novel, and young folks like it. I loved the set, by Es Devlin, and found Benjamin Walker, in the title role, aptly cast. Shuffle Along: Some worthwhile entertainment value in the first act, but a downer of a second act make this mildly disappointing. Not worth paying full-price. Long Day’s Journey Into Night: Critics can handstand all they want about Jessica Lange as Mary Tyrone, but she’s not a patch on such interpreters of the role as Katharine Hepburn, Colleen Dewhurst, and Vanessa Redgrave. Gabriel Byrne, as Lange’s husband, was for me the only Tyrone who shone.

Should Michelle Appear On “NCIS”?

The Guardian throws stones at Michelle Obama‘s upcoming appearance on “NCIS.” Not me. “NCIS” is a top-rated show and if Mrs. Obama wants to plug her military charity, Joining Forces, that’s fine by me.

Nicki Minaj, Trump, And Big Booty

The Time 100 dinner last night in New York had more stars than there are at the Oscars. Donald Trump AND Caitlyn Jenner were there. Trump didn’t stay long — he had a victory speech to give, in which he referred to himself as “the presumptive nominee.” (Soon, it will be “the presumptive President.”) At the Time ‘do, Nicki Minaj performed then said, “I’m very political, and I would like to dedicate a song, just in the spirit of unity, to Joe Biden and Donald Trump.” That song was “Anaconda,” and she kicked off the first verse with Trump’s name and the second verse with Biden’s, complete with the track’s now-signature dance moves. Afterward, the musician polled: “Do you think they like that song? Who do you think likes the biggest butts, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?”