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Mommy Angelina or Daddy Brad?

Unlike every other scribe in the blogosphere, I’m not vacating my post for Labor Day. On … Read more »

Ya, Ya: It Is Tom In That Uniform

Tom Cruise has finally started talking about his currently filming role as a German colonel who … Read more »

Rape Film Stuns Venice Fest

Here’s the scoop, from Reuters:
A new film about the real-life rape and killing of a … Read more »

Di’s Anniversary and the Arts

Princess Diana was a well-known backer of the arts, ballet in particular. But there was little … Read more »

Video Games 1, Civilization 0

You’ll never catch me griping that video games are the Death of Civilization: I don’t want … Read more »

A Black Sabbath Reunion?

According to, there’s been some discussion going on about a Black Sabbath reunion. But it … Read more »

Tosca — Or Her Lover? — All Wet

I’ve seen a lot of weird and complicated sets for opera productions, but I have to … Read more »