Welcome to lemonwade

This is our first week, and all I can say to those of you who’ve landed on this souped-up blog is: Welcome!

I won’t bore you with a lot of blather about how lemonwade should be your only source for news and commentary for arts and entertainment. Because the fact is: we’re starting small and we don’t cover everything.

My co-founder, Jerry Wade, and I would like you to feel that when you come to this site you’ll get a reliable dose of the day’s cultural news with commentary that can be both idiosyncratic and stimulating.

Again: welcome! (And tell your friends and family about us — even your dog.)

One Comment to “Welcome to lemonwade”

  1. Very nice. I especially like the angle on Depp and Sweeney Todd. Is he your push for best actor at the Academy Awards next year?
    I can see him being an overdue contender having lost for Pirates in 2003, Neverland in 2004, and especially if Sweeney Todd takes off in a big way come the Fall.

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