But What About the Haircut?

jodiefoster.jpgFor an actress who embodies the strong, independent woman more than anyone of her generation, more than anyone perhaps since Bette Davis, Jodie Foster has certainly spent a lot of time cowering in fear. In “The Accused,” she seemed afraid of every man who ever walked into that bar where she was assaulted. In “The Silence of the Lambs” she may have stared down her fear of Hannibal Lecter but that doesn’t mean she — and we — weren’t terrified every time she walked down that dank prison hallway.

Foster has spent the past few years raising two sons and (coincidentally?) fronting hits — “The Panic Room,” “Flight Plan” — about mothers ferociously protective of their children. Now, all her greatest characters’ terror has been poured into a vigilante turn in a picture called “The Brave One,” coming out September 14. Channeling Charles Bronson, the early reviews — you can read one of them here — suggest that this is among her for-the-time-capsule performances. But what I really want to know is: will her character’s look, above, spark a revival of semi-shag haircuts among urban lesbians?

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