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In 2005, Cate Blanchett won a best supporting actress Oscar for playing Katharine Hepburn in “The Aviator.” For the 2008 Oscar ceremony, she’s being heavily buzzed about to win for playing Bob Dylan in “I’m Not Here” (see photo). My recommendation: Create a new category called Best Impersonation. Why? So that prestige biopics (“Capote,” “Ray,” “The Queen“) stop swamping Hollywood’s biggest night.

Will Blanchett’s Dylan portrayal end up in Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress? Here’s a conversation I imagine taking between Blanchett and Harvey Weinstein, whose company is releasing “I’m Still Here.”

“But Harvey, I’ve already won Best Supporting Actress. I want Best Actress this time.”

“But Cate, you’re only in the Dylan movie for 40 minutes. Not even. That’s supporting.”

Nicole Kidman was in ‘The Hours’ for about the same, and she won Best Actress.”

“But Cate, don’t you want a Best Actress nomination for your ‘Elizabeth‘ movie?

“Screw the Queen, Harvey. This year, Dylan rules!”

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  1. I think it’s more that people who play queens are always nominated for Oscars. After all, Judi Dench did not win for playing Queen Victoria in “Mrs Brown” (1997) nor did Cate Blanchett win for Queen Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth” the following year.

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