Bruce Springsteen Stole My Girlfriend


Someday I will recount all the details of how, in the summer of 1978, Bruce Springsteen stole my girlfriend for a night in Iowa City, Iowa, where I was a college student and where Bruce and the E Street Band were giving a concert at Hancher Auditorium. Right now, however, I will mention only that I have been listening to Bruce and the Guys’ new CD, “Magic,” which will be available Tuesday on CD and downloads, and that I’m lovin’ its peppy sound. After so many records where Bruce labored under the burden of being American music’s Celebrity Conscience, it’s nice to hear the band blast out some pop that’s a little less political. There’s no way I’d go see the fellows during their upcoming concert tour; experiencing them back in the late ’70s in smaller venues spoiled me forever, and I have no desire to conjure the ghosts of my youth. (I’m also still pissed at him for hijacking my girlfriend from a truck-stop cafe at 1 in the morning.) For more on the current state of affairs in Springsteen Territory, here’s an interview from the NY Times.

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