“Farragut North”: First Jake, Now Leo


As of right now, Mike Nichols may not be directing Jake Gyllenhaal in “Farragut North” on Broadway, but the Beau Willimon play is still a hot property. Variety’s Michael Fleming is reporting that Warner Bros. is developing a screen version of this political comedy, with Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star and George Clooney getting serious about directing. Since it’s unlikely that this movie will be ready in time for release during the final stretch of the 2008 campaign next autumn — DiCaprio already has at least one (“Revolutionary Road“) and possibly two (“Body of Lies“) pictures headed for release then — here’s my question: will audiences want to see a feature about the Presidential campaign trail when they’ve just survived an endless-feeling two-year real-life horse race for the White House? The “Farragut North” movie will have to be mighty good to survive any possible political fatigue on the part of the American populace.

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