Okay, So Who Do You Think This Is?

Take a look at this photo. Who do you think it is? Maybe it’s the brand of tea that I’ve switched to, but I honestly thought this was Tyra Banks in a blonder-than-usual wig. The picture was taken at the Heatherette fashion show this week in Los Angeles. Give up? It’s adult star Jenna Jameson, who walked the Heatherette show in New York last month as well. I once talked to Jenna at an L.A party. Searching for something to dine out on later, I asked her, “What’s your favorite book?” She replied, “F. Scott Fitzgerald.” Me: “Do you mean ‘The Great Gatsby’?” “No,” she insisted, “I mean F. Scott Fitzgerald.” I changed the subject.

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  1. I guess my own favorite book would then be a toss up between W. Somerset Maugham and James Joyce.

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