The National’s Brand of Horse Play


If someone told me that the new theatre production that I would most hunger to see is one in which the First World War is told through the eyes of a horse puppet (move over, Julie Taymor), I’d ask that person to pass me whatever he was smoking. And yet the reviews of “War Horse,” based on a novel by Michael Morpurgo, has me checking the airfares to London, where the show has just opened at the National Theatre. As anyone with a passing acquaintance of “Black Beauty” knows, it’s not unprecedented to tell a tale through the point-of-view of a horse; it is, however, a Clydesdale-size challenge to pull off such a feat on stage. Apparently, the National’s production, according to this review among others, has done it.

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  1. We went to see War Horse yesterday and Highly recommend it to all. It was amazing to see the horses that were really life like in the control that the people applied to them. The show was worth every penny and was a great night out.

  2. I Have to agree with the previous comment. The play is simply amazing, would recommend it to anyone and everyone. well worth the money to see it, especially at the New London Theatre.

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