Is “Sweeney” the New “Dreamgirls”?


By the end of summer 2006, the hype for the “Dreamgirls” movie was so strong that nothing but “Singin’ in the Rain” meets “Citizen Kane” could have satisfied the inflated expectations. Although the drumbeat for the upcoming “Sweeney Todd” movie didn’t start until much later in the season, it is now picking up speed at such pace that “Sweeney” will, by its Christmas Day release, almost certainly have built up so many advance hopes that many people are bound to be disappointed. First, Sondheim himself, who wrote the original show’s book and lyrics, started telling people that the movie, starring Johnny Depp (pictured), was terrific. And now the Internet world of jump-the-gun critics and Oscar prognosticators has gotten into the act. Here’s the latest of those reports. 

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