“Harry Potter” Auditioners Cry Foul


Harry Potter has a new female peer at Hogwarts who has apparently left thousands of girls thinking dark thoughts.

Jessie Cave (pictured), a 20-year-old actress who is due to appear opposite Dame Helen Mirren in the upcoming film “Inkheart,” was chosen last night to play the part of Lavender in “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” Her choice has proved controversial, however, as she is two years older than the age stipulated at the auditions in July. Additionally, producers said that they were also interested in those with no acting experience.

David Yates, the movie’s director, had said: “Normally, I have casting agents sending me kids who have been to stage school and who come in tap-dancing and singing. What we are looking for is someone natural and absolutely credible in their own right.”

Lavender is Ron Weasley’s girlfriend and a fellow pupil at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Producers described Lavender as “a pretty and lively girl who loves to be the center of attention.” They added: “She is determined to make Ron her boyfriend and is deeply possessive.”

More than 7,000 applicants tried out for the role. I bet about 6,000 are sticking pins in Jessie Cave dolls right this minute.

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