A “Snow White” X-Mas for “Enchanted”


No surprise: “Enchanted” is a hit with the public (a five-day gross for this holiday weekend will likely be in the $50 million range) and critics alike (a 93% positive Rotten Tomatoes score). This story of “Snow White”-like cartoon characters being hurled into 2007 New York City has made a star of Amy Adams (pictured) and it’s almost certain that, as the movie’s box office grows over the next month, she’ll score an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Despite the movie’s disappointing lack of witty dialogue, I urge even adults without children to take a break with “Enchanted”: for every moment you want to hurl at the sentimentality will come two where you find yourself succumbing. And if you like Adams, rent the DVD of “Junebug,” the film where she first captured moviegoers’ attention.

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