Brad Pitt: No More Nude Scenes


For anyone who booked a trainer after seeing Brad Pitt‘s six-pack in “Thelma and Louise” or who re-booked a trainer after seeing him in “Fight Club,” there is sad news: the actor says that he won’t be doing any more nude scenes.

The buff (but not in the buff) star tells the BBC, “I don’t want to be embarrassed when my kids get old enough to see my films. I can’t see any more nude scenes [in my career].”

The televised interview is quoted extensively by People, including the confirmation that Pitt is done with the splashings of the “Ocean’s” movies.

“There’s no more, I think we need to put away childish things,” he said, while holding the door open for working again with pals George Clooney and Matt Damon. “We’ll find something else,” Pitt says. “I just don’t think there’s anywhere to go with that particular story.”

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