Batman Pic: Heath’s Ledger-demain

I Got a kick out of this scene from Chris Nolan’s Batman pic “The Dark Knight,” which will be released on July 18. This bit was previewed last Sunday night in the IMAX format in Manhattan, and will be attached to general-release prints of the Will Smith movie “I Am Legend,” which opens December 14.

Here’s the scene: William Fichtner, playing a mob-front banker, is about to be dispatched by a masked Heath Ledger (pictured) at the climax of a bank job: “The criminals in this town used to believe in things,” Fichtner seethes. “Honor. Respect. What do you believe in?” He screams it again, louder: “What do you believe in?”

The mask comes off, and Ledger’s grinning, scarred face is revealed at last. “I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you …” — a pause before the final word — “stranger.”

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