“Color Purple” Musical: A Movie?

The Los Angeles Times reports that “The Color Purple” producer Oprah Winfrey is considering adapting the stage musical for the screen. Winfrey was asked during a recent press conference whether or not she had intentions to adapt the musical into a film. “Actually, I am,” the media-mogul proffered – leaving many to speculate on who will nab the choice roles in the film. Can anyone doubt that the lead role will be played by Beyonce (right)? Which means that Alice Walker’s “mud-ugly” Celie will, in barely more than two decades, have morphed from Whoopi Goldberg (left) to Fantasia Barrino (center) to Miss Crazy in Love?

Winfrey appeared in the original 1985 Steven Spielberg film in the role of Sofia and serves as one of the producers for the Broadway musical. Thanks to Winfrey’s attachment, the musical adaptation of “The Color Purple” has become a household name, drawing in a new demographic and crowds of theatregoers who are attending their first Broadway production.

Following in the shoes of Golden Globe winner Goldberg, who played Celie on screen, Broadway actress LaChanze nabbed a Tony Award for her portrayal of Celie when The Color Purple bowed on Broadway in 2005.

“The Color Purple” box office soared when “American Idol” winner Barrino succeeded LaChanze in the role, garnering the Broadway newcomer love letters from the New York Times and several other publications.

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