Near a Bar on the Piccola Marina


While I try to keep this site bare of the talent-free likes of Britney Spears (see below) and Paris Hilton, I am happy to keep an open mind about the third member of America’s Disaster Dame trio, Lindsay Lohan. Why? Because the kid can be a very decent actress. (“Prairie Home Companion” and “Bobby” are two examples of LiLo’s ability to stay in character.) My affection for Miss Lohan, however, has its limits. She is pictured here strolling the streets of Capri, in her characteristic out-among-the-people gait. Nothing wrong with that. But why, you ask, is she on that enchanted Italian isle? Because she is being recognized by the Capri Film Festival for her “body of work”? Since this is the holiday season, I will be charitable and refrain from snarking.

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