Rosenman Added to “Milk” Cast

The roster for “Milk,” the movie about slain San Francisco activist and city council member Harvey Milk, gets more interesting by the minute. It has already been announced that Sean Penn will play Milk; Josh Brolin, Milk’s murderer, Dan White; “Into the Wild”‘s Emile Hirsch, activist Cleve Jones; and James Franco, Milk’s lover Scott Smith. Now lemonwade has learned that veteran producer Zvi Howard Rosenman (who throughout most of his career has been known more simply as Howard Rosenman) has been added to the cast. I’m still trying to learn which role he will have. Rosenman, fittingly, produced the 1989 Oscar-winning documentary “Common Threads: Stories From the Quilt” — the AIDS project conceived by Jones. Here’s what I love about Rosenman being cast for “Milk” by director Gus van Sant: this is Rosenman’s debut as a feature-film actor. Since he reportedly will have several scenes with Penn, this is what we call starting at the top!

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