No Golden Globes: Who Benefits?

Few actresses have ever been as beautiful as Julie Christie (pictured) was in the 1965 classic “Dr. Zhivago.” But she long ago gave up the bother associated with the fame game. That life choice normally would have hurt her chances in an Oscar derby — if you don’t do media and Hollywood politicking in December and January then you generally can kiss your Academy Award goodbye. This year, however, performers are keeping a low public profile: there are fewer events like the Golden Globes that allow them to soak up the exposure associated with looking good on the red carpet. So Christie’s reticence probably won’t hurt her chances of winning the big one on February 24 for her performance in “Away from Her.” And as much as I admire Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose” — and believe that if that movie were in English instead of French that Cotillard certainly would win the gold — I can’t say I’ll be sorry if Christie wins Best Actress. She would be making history: coming after Helen Mirren last year, Oscar would have awarded two over-60 non-American actresses in a row!

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