Day-Lewis: Sexuality Was “A Mistake”


I have two favorite bits in this well-worth-reading profile of Daniel Day-Lewis, who as all the world knows is going to win a Golden Globe tonight and an Oscar on February 24. The first is when he leads the interviewer around the toy-strewn house in Ireland that he and his wife Rebecca Miller share with their young sons Ronan and Cashel. Commenting on his reputation for evasion, Day-Lewis comments, “How can you be a recluse in a house full of children, even if you had the inclination to be, which I don’t?” The second memorable moment occurs when the discussion turns to the actor’s appearance in the the 1988 movie version of Milan Kundera‘s novel “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.” Most people would include that performance among the actor’s very best. Day-Lewis emphatically disagrees. “The exploration of sexuality in the film was just — well, I was in no way prepared for how that would feel. It was a mistake.” But not a mistake to lovers of good acting.

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