Presenting Nathan “Huckabee” Lane

It would be easy to dismiss the rantings of the American President played by Nathan Lane (pictured seated, with Dylan Baker) in David Mamet’s outrageous new play as a case of “could never happen here.” Or so I thought until this week, when a leading real-life Republican candidate, Mike Huckabee, took the following positions on the campaign trail: 1) Marriage between two humans of the same gender is akin to marriage between a human and an animal; 2) All the 12-million-plus illegal immigrants in the U.S. should be rounded up and deported; and 3) There’s nothing wrong with Confederate flags being flown in states that want to do so. Got the picture? Meanwhile, here’s my review of “November,” which is the title of that Mamet play that has just opened on Broadway. It may be lesser Mamet, but it’s still good, mean fun.

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