Them Zombies Got The Right Stuff


Ever since I saw “Night of the Living Dead” as a child, I have had a weakness for zombie movies. But I don’t know how I could have missed noticing the feature “Otto; or, Up With Dead People,” (pictured) from the just-completed Sundance Festival. The flick is significant not just for its punctuation(who the f*#k puts semicolons in a movie title?!?) but for launching a sub-genre: the gay zombie movie. Comments a writer for the Guardian: “Given that gay film-makers have a long history with the genre – from James Whale to Clive Barker to Chucky creator Don Mancini – and the fact that much of the gay community has been consumed by a blood-borne epidemic for close on 30 years, it’s a wonder a gay zombie film hasn’t come along before.”

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