Thoughts on the 2008 Grammys


1) Kanye West (pictured) was right to call out the orchestra for rudely interrupting his acceptance-speech tribute to his late mother. Now if only he could sing on-pitch. (Here’s a list of the winners.)

2) As Boy George recently said, multiple-Grammy winner Amy Winehouse looks like something out of a John Waters movie. Now Waters needs to cast her in his upcoming “Fruitcake” — the perfect description for the wacked-out Winehouse.

3) Speaking of mature, the breasts of Aretha Franklin (pictured) are now so vast they have separate time zones. Her gospel number was so rousing that, after it was finished, everyone should have just gone home.

4) It was great to see that Keely Smith is still alive and kicking. Now she and her Grammy duet partner Kid Rock should think about going on the road together. (They were the unlikeliest pairing on an awards show since Carol Channing teamed up with LL Cool J on the Tonys.)

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  1. Kanye is way too much. I feel like no he’s exploiting his own tragedy for more camera time.

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