Oscars: No Americans for Gold Men

How to evaluate the results of tonight’s Oscars? The evening reminded me of what Samuel Johnson once said about, of all things, learning in Scotland: “Everybody gets a little, but nobody gets enough for a satisfying meal.” This evening, all five Best Picture nominees got something, but the big winner, “No Country for Old Men,” got only four statues. I don’t mean to diminish that film’s achievement, but it does seem lately that the Oscars don’t let anybody run the table.

As I’ve been saying all night on this website, the biggest trend of the evening was the international nature of the affair: the majority of the awards were won by non-Americans, a trend which reflects the increasingly international nature of show business. For the first time ever, all four acting awards were won by non-Americans. (It was a very good night for Europe.) As for the other big aspect of the evening, fashion, the trend in dresses was red and black.

Here’s a complete list of winners.

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