Brantley: Late to the “Gypsy” Party


I’m thrilled that the Broadway revival of “Gypsy” just got a rave from the New York Times, whose critic, Ben Brantley — late to the party, since every other reviewer expressed excitement long since — was a little less than ecstatic about Patti LuPone’s Momma Rose (pictured) when the production played City Center last July. At the same time, I find it a little depressing that many people connected with this staging have been so childishly desperate for the approval of the Gray Lady. Like little Louise, the “Gypsy” folk never crave Momma’s love more than when it’s withheld. Hey, people: it’s 2008! When it comes to musicals: chat rooms, websites, social-networking sites, and good old word-of-mouth are driving the discussion. Letting your mood be determined by one reviewer is so twentieth century! Here’s my review from last summer.

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