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Composer: “La Traviata” Is Rubbish

A splashy musical version of the story known to operagoers as “La Traviata” and to movie … Read more »

“Tristan” Saga: At Last The Climax!

Well, they finally did it, and from all accounts it was not only worth the wait: … Read more »

Is This Next Year’s Oscar Winner?

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Is Katie Holmes Broadway-Bound?

Katie Holmes (pictured) — that’s Mrs. Tom Cruise to you — may make her Broadway debut … Read more »

George Clooney’s Into Leather

The media’s constant comparisons of George Clooney to Cary Grant are sloppy: Grant didn’t direct and … Read more »

DeVito’s Daughter Is Anne Frank


My Seattle-based friend Starla Smith went to the opening the other evening of “The Diary of … Read more »

Brantley: Late to the “Gypsy” Party

I’m thrilled that the Broadway revival of “Gypsy” just got a rave from the New York … Read more »