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England’s “Stately Homo” Gets Reprise

According to the London Times, John Hurt (pictured) will reprise one of his most famous roles … Read more »

Dusty Trails for Nicole Kidman

Writer Michael Cunningham has just announced that he’s working on a screenplay about ’60s singer Dusty … Read more »

“Hard Candy” Worth a Lick

I have to admit it: Madonna’s single “4 Minutes,” from the “Hard Candy” album that’s released … Read more »

Mel Gibson Takes Acting Job

According to Variety:
Mel Gibson is starring in Edge of Darkness, his first leading feature role since … Read more »

“Iron Man”: Iron-Clad Blockbuster

The reviews for “Iron Man,” the first-out-of-the-gate summer blockbuster, are shaping up very well. I’m still … Read more »

“The Hours” To Become An Opera?

Director Stephen Daldry (pictured) is bringing his cinema-to-stage musical adaptation of “Billy Elliot” to Broadway this … Read more »

Woody’s Latest Horny Old Man

Here’s a shot from Woody Allen‘s latest old-man-letching-after-young-woman movie, which is currently shooting in New York. … Read more »