“American Idol”: The Absolute Nadir

When I speak about the “American Idol” Reality Show: 2008 Edition,” I’m not referring to that “Star Search” clone where contestants attempt to sing as well as Mariah Carey. I’m talking about the showdown between Obama and Clinton. Last night’s episode, conducted atrociously by ABC News, was a sign not just of how lame ABC has become but of how exhausted the media has become. The notion that the most pressing questions are whether Obama knows or knew a 1960s radical and that Clinton does or doesn’t like to make cookies is an absurd demonstration of how far from reality the Presidential campaign has fallen. And since this is an entertainment blog, I must also add that, as entertainment, last night’s debate was also terrible. Obama was tired and way off his game, Clinton as usual was channelling a GOP attack dog. The only way we’re going to get through the rest of the primary season (and make it to November, for that matter) is to look past the Clinton/Obama divide and make the following our mantra: “Vote for the Democrat, vote for the Democrat.”

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