Dusty Trails for Nicole Kidman


Writer Michael Cunningham has just announced that he’s working on a screenplay about ’60s singer Dusty Springfield, and that Nicole Kidman will be playing her. The last time Kidman played a queer artist in a story hatched by Cunningham (“The Hours”), she won an Academy Award. Since Oscar loves biopics, could the Dusty flick be Kidman’s next nomination?

2 Comments to “Dusty Trails for Nicole Kidman”

  1. Jesus, how many films does she already have lined up after having her baby? Stay home and be a mother for a change.

  2. Why must foreigners always take over our British icons – isn’t it bad enough she ruined Virginia Woolf and Cate Blanchett ruined Elizabeth I??

    There are so many talented British artists out there who could play Dusty so why on earth do foreigners think they’re the best person to play our roles??? Dusty deserves better than an Ozzie!

    by Anonymous on May 1st, 2008 at 2:15 pm

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