It’s A Videogame World After All


While the movie industry is crowing that its first summer blockbuster, “Iron Man,” racked up $200 million in sales worldwide over its first weekend in worldwide release, the flick was being blown away at the box office by a videogame. According to Variety, that game, “Grand Theft Auto IV,” has surged past “Halo 3” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” to set the record for the biggest opening week of any entertainment product. Publisher Take-Two Interactive is set to confirm today that “Grand Theft Auto IV,” from its Rockstar Games label, sold over six million units in its first week, grossing over $500 million in consumer sales. The previous videogame record holder was Microsoft’s “Halo 3,” which grossed about $300 million in its first week. That game did have the disadvantage of being available for only the Xbox 360, while “GTA IV” is also available for Sony’s Playstation 3.

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