“Dark Knight” Sets B.O. Record

Variety is reporting that “The Dark Knight,” the latest in the movie Batman series, has set an all-time record for three-day box office: an estimated $155.3 million for the weekend, besting the mark set by “Spider-Man 3.” Part of the Bat’s success is attributed to the performance of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. Plus: they kept Robin away from the whole thing. Robin’s too camp for some mainstream audiences, who clearly, as this weekend proved, prefer their Batman dark and serious. One other thing: while I expect Ledger to get an Oscar nomination, I don’t expect him to win. Why? More and more, Oscars depend on campaigning to take home the gold, and Ledger’s not around to press the flesh. Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal could act as Ledger’s surrogate during the months of Oscar politicking.

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