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MTV Plans “Rocky Horror” Sequel

According to Variety:
MTV is doing the time warp on a remake of 1975 cult classic “The … Read more »

Gasp! Oprah No Longer First

Yes, it’s true. On the latest Forbes list of celebrities and how much they made last … Read more »

Another Shot of “Hairspray”

I have nothing but affection for the spirit of John Waters, but the news that … Read more »

Thank You For Being A Friend

I suppose I should be ashamed to admit this, but I’m not: I know at … Read more »

Heath Ledger: Another Thought

Yesterday I suggested that Heath Ledger would probably not win an Oscar for “The Dark Knight” … Read more »

Olympic Quotation of the Day

An International Olympic Committee member said the following, anonymously, to the New York Times: “Had the … Read more »

“Dark Knight” Sets B.O. Record

Variety is reporting that “The Dark Knight,” the latest in the movie Batman series, has set … Read more »