Who Will Play Tennessee Williams?


Taylor Hackford (“Ray”) is attached to direct a feature film about the life of playwright Tennessee Williams (pictured, left). Picture will be called “Tenn” and be produced by Michael Ohoven, who produced “Capote,” which won an Oscar for Philip Seymour Hoffman. Casting has not been announced, so let the guessing game begin. Just who should play the writer who gave the world “A Streetcar Named Desire”? Any of the following would be excellent as Williams: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Kevin Spacey, Johnny Depp. But my vote has to go to Edward Norton (pictured, right). Norton is a lifelong fan of Williams’s work, and is superb at accents. My second choice? Ethan Hawke: not just because he’s a gifted actor but because Williams just happened to be Ethan’s great uncle on his father’s side.

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