Could Winslet Win Oscar Gold?


Variety is reporting that, after a successful screening in New York, the Weinstein Co. is planning to release “The Reader” before the end of the year. Could this be Kate Winslet’s Best Actress Oscar at last? Reasons to think so: 1) She’s been nominated five times, so she’s “due”; 2) The movie’s subject is Oscar bait: a World War II war-crimes trial; 3) Her main competition will be Angelina Jolie (“The Changeling”), who’s already won an Oscar; Sally Hawkins (“Happy-Go-Lucky”), but Mike Leigh films yield nominations, not wins; and Meryl Streep (“Doubt”), who exists in a category of her own that may be exalted but no longer gets the gold. And what of Winslet’s other serious end-of-year film, “Revolutionary Road“? Well, LemonWade is hearing that the movie, co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is well-made, but doesn’t pack the emotional punch it needs in order to trigger excitement.

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