Another Oscar Contender?


Blogger Jeffrey Wells has just seen the French film “I’ve Loved You So Long” at the Toronto Film Festival and says that its star, Kristin Scott Thomas (pictured), is a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination and maybe a win. The movie sounds intriguing, and I love Scott Thomas (I can’t wait to see her in “The Seagull,” soon to open on Broadway), but an Oscar? I think the chances that the Academy will give Best Actress two years in a row to the lead in a French movie (after last year’s Marion Cotillard for “La Vie en Rose”) are about as likely as the United States winning the World Cup: not gonna happen. The Best Actress race is shaping up as a slugfest between Angelina Jolie (“The Changeling”), Kate Winslet (“The Reader”), and Anne Hathaway (“Rachel Getting Married”). Scott Thomas actually has a better chance at a Tony for “The Seagull.”

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