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Joy Behar, Whoopi To Do “Godot”

This headline is a joke — LemonWade morphed for a moment into The Onion. “The … Read more »

Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Team Up

Yes, Hugh and Sarah Jessica are making a movie together. Aren’t they getting a little old … Read more »

A New Show from “Stomp” Folks

The creators of that percussive extravaganza “Stomp” (12 million people, productions in 43 countries since its … Read more »

Bush’s Cultural Legacy

The Guardian asked several cultural influencers about the effect that eight years of Bush/Cheney have had … Read more »

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

This German theme park features a giant you-know-what with a roller coast inside it. It’s decked … Read more »

What Would Ethel Have Said?

Page Six reports: ‘The talented lad who gets cast as Morticia and Gomez’s son, Pugsley … Read more »

At Last: A Berry Gordy Remake

Remember the days (“Pulp Fiction,” etc.) when Samuel Jackson (pictured) seemed like one of the toughest, … Read more »