“Milk” Money Review: Four Stars!


My friend Hal Rubenstein, the fashion director of InStyle, saw an advance screening of “Milk” today. His verdict: “I haven’t been as emotionally affected so much by any movie in years.” His other quick thoughts about this story of gay activist and San Francisco city council member Harvey Milk, who was assassinated in San Francisco in 1978: 1) “It’s the first movie I’ve ever seen about the ’70s that actually looks like the ’70s did — from the clothing to the facial hair.” 2) “Everyone in the cast is sensational. Sean Penn completely ‘goes there’ as Milk. They can give him the Oscar right now as far as I’m concerned. Emile Hirsch and James Franco don’t hold back either.” 3) Everything you want to see in the movie — from the sex to the politics — is there, but nothing beats you over the head.” 4) The moviemakers, from [director] Gus van Sant on down, don’t make Milk a saint. He’s a horny toad.” What can I add to Hal’s assessment other than to say: I can’t wait to see “Milk”!?!

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