Who’ll Sing at Obama’s Inaugural?


It’s still feasible that Obama could lose, but barring that possibility here are the people we should expect to perform at his inaugural parties in Washington on January 20: Stevie Wonder (pictured), Jay-Z, Tina Turner, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel. If that’s feeling a little too old-school, we should also expect Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson (if she’s feeling up to it), assorted other “American Idol” alums (because Michelle and her daughters are fans of the show), and the cast of “High School Musical.” To prove their ability to reach across the cultural aisle, the Obamas will also probably ask several country and western stars, as well as few more rock ‘n’ rollers like Bono. And just as Frank Sinatra helped produce inaugural entertainment for JFK and Reagan, guess who I predict will play the impresario for Obama. Yep: Oprah.

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