Black Celebs On An Obama Win


From Stevie Wonder to Toni Morrison, from Samuel L. Jackson to Jay-Z (the last three are pictured), The Independent tracked down a bunch of prominent African-Americans and asked them about the prospect of an Obama presidency. “I feel like a child approaching Christmas … If he wins, it means my country has agreed to grow up. … How will I be spending election night? On my knees,” said Maya Angelou. “There’s a great sense of joy,” said Jesse Jackson. “I just wish Dr [Martin Luther] King were here to share it.”“I’m not going to say it’s God, but this is not a mistake, this is happening now. He’s here when his country is at it’s lowest in many many years,” said Spike Lee. “He’s a combination of JFK and Martin Luther King. With that, he can’t lose,” said Stevie Wonder. “I just think that he’s really inspired a bunch of people in our country and we’ll see what happens down the road,” said Tiger Woods. And, asked where she would be tonight, Toni Morrison replied, “I have three choices: I can go to some friends; I was invited to go on a TV show. But I think under the bed may yet prove the safest place to be.”

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