Prince’s Biographer Reveals Scandal


According to Jonathan Dimbleby, Prince Charles’s biographer and close confidant, there are plans afoot for Charles, once he ascends to the throne, to make his views on public matters more public. His mother, the Queen, has adhered to the view that the monarch’s views should only be expressed privately — the way Helen Mirren did to Michael Sheen in “The Queen.” Dimbleby also says that Charles wants to make it possible for a Roman Catholic to ascend the throne. Quelle horreur! Of course, all of this assumes that Charles will ever become king; if his mother lives to be as old as her mother, the odds on that are not brilliant. (At 82, the queen still goes out for hearty gallops every morning!) As ex-Monty Pythoner Eric Idle serenaded Charles this past week at one of the prince’s birthday bashes, to the tune of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life:” “If you’re 60 years of age/And your Mum won’t leave the stage…”

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