“24”‘s President: Cherry on Top


“No middle-aged actress is ever going to be able to turn down the role of the President of the United States. It’s never going to happen.” That’s the great Cherry Jones (pictured), speaking about her role in America’s top job on “24,” the right-wing orgasm of a television show that returns for a two-hour program this Sunday. In her interview, Jones also addresses the little question of Meryl Streep, who in the movie of “Doubt” has the part in which Jones triumphed on stage. Miss Cherry diplomatically points out that movie and play are different animals. Then, referring to the name of the nun both women essay, Jones remarks: “The thought of getting to sit down with [Streep] one day over a stiff one and having an Aloysius talk is something that I’m really looking forward to.” For the record, I thought Jones’s was hands-down the richer portrayal of the character.

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