“Reversal of Fortune”: Sunny Dies


I know what movie I’m going to replay this weekend: “Reversal of Fortune,” the 1990 flick starring Jeremy Irons as Claus von Bulow (a performance for which Irons won an Oscar) and Glenn Close as Sunny von Bulow. Why? Because after decades in a coma, Mrs. von Bulow died today at a nursing home in Manhattan. Sunny’s story of sex, foul play, and high society was tailor-made for the pages of Vanity Fair and Hollywood. Mrs. von Bulow’s New York Times obituary is stuffed with fun facts. My favorite: in the room at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital where she lived out most of her comatose years, “there were always fresh flowers in the room.” What the obit doesn’t say is that Mrs. von Bulow also had her nails done weekly. Like a proper Newport lady. Pace tua, Sunny.

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