“Oliver!”‘s Kiddie Wonderland


Much has been made of the large backstage operation required to find, nurture, and sustain the boys who play “Billy Elliot,” Broadway’s newest hit. But that operation is dwarfed by the kiddie management required by the about-to-open London revival of “Oliver!” (Shows with exclamation points in their titles are a little universe of their own — “Mamma Mia!”, “Love! Valour! Compassion!”) There are more than 200 people involved in putting on Sir Cameron Mackintosh’s latest super-sized production of “Oliver!” – and 134 of them are children.There are three teams, led by three Olivers and three Artful Dodgers, all needing to be rehearsed separately to the same standard and then mixed in with the ‘coach children’ who will be bused in – 16 each evening – to swell the numbers, just for the first scene. Further details.

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