Question of the Day


Sean Penn (pictured) is taking some heat for his recent journalistic support, in The Nation, of Hugo Chavez and the Castros. Will this controversy derail Penn’s chances of taking home the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in “Milk”? I put this question to LemonWade’s awards expert, Rex Okpodu. He replied: “If Penn just shows up and acts like a good boy — as he did in the season of his win for “Mystic River” — then he will definitely join the ranks as a two-time Academy Award winner: like Daniel Day-Lewis last year. Penn is kind of the American equivalent to Day-Lewis – all broody and humorless in public, albeit a great actor. The problem with Penn’s chief competitor this year, Mickey Rourke, is that he looks too freaky to be garcon of the ball beside Meryl Streep. Maybe he will scrub up.”

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