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Oh, The Sweet Smell of Success

The London Times reports: One of the biggest tech success stories of the past year has … Read more »

“Slumdog” vs. “Button”: It’s On

A collective of Academy Award prognosticators have made it official: this year’s Best Picture slugfest will … Read more »

“Pal Joey”: My FT Review

Here’s my Financial Times review of “Pal Joey,” currently in revival on Broadway. It stars Stockard … Read more »

Mickey Rourke Trashes Sean Penn

If Mickey Rourke (pictured, left) wants to win an Oscar for his performance in “The Wrestler,” … Read more »

Quotation of the Day

“Character acting is, of course, one of the four things that the British still do supremely … Read more »

J-Lo, Marc To Divorce?

According to the New York Daily News:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have renewed their wedding … Read more »

Sculptor Robert Graham Dies

Like other famous artists of the 20th century, sculptor Robert Peña Graham lived larger than life. … Read more »