Madonna Goes On Salmon “Re-tox”

madonnaretoxAccording to this report, ‘Madonna has embarked on a January retox regime, involving eating huge quantities of “age-defying” salmon (pictured, right) and sticking to an intensive cardio gym program, in a bid to “knock 12 years off her appearance.” The 50-year-old singer is so determined to make herself look younger she has enlisted the help of health experts who have devised a new program for her packed with the oily fish.

‘A source said: “The new ‘retox’ means she has got a more cardio-intensive gym regime and a diet overhaul. She will also be eating a lot more salmon as it’s got age-defying properties. Her aim is to knock 12 years off her appearance.”

‘Last year, Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone – who wrote a book entitled “Life With My Sister Madonna” – alleged the singer had a facelift in a bid to maintain her youthful appearance.

‘When asked if he still recognised Madonna from the girl he grew up with, Christopher replied: “Not after the facelift.”‘

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