“Grey Gardens” Back In Bloom

drewbarrmore341bfc7553ef010536b8931b970b-350wi1“Edie, oh Edie!” What would a new year without another product in the ongoing franchise that is Big Edie and Little Edie Beale? The latest spin-off of the 1975 documentary film directed by the Maysles is, like the movie and the 2006 Broadway-musical predecessors, called “Grey Gardens.” It stars Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange, shown here in their make-up and costumes from the picture, which will air on HBO in April. I’d been dreading this version, but, after reading an account of a press event the women just did, I have hopes. To prepare for the roles, they spent some time at the East Hampton manse where the story is set. It’s been long tarted up by its current owners, Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn. But the past remains. Of the night she spent in her character’s bedroom, Barrymore said: “Little Edie wouldn’t let me sleep.” No, Drew, that was the raccoons.jessicalangec7553ef010536c2783f970c-350wi1

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