“The L Word”: Republican Values?

images3Blogger Elisabeth Vincentelli throws the penalty flag at “The L Word,” now in its final season: “…my core issue with the show—and one that hasn’t been raised, I believe—is that its value system is screwed up to the nth degree. I would argue that underneath its libertine surface and despite paying lip service to feminist issues, ‘The L Word’ is a Republican show, and that is why it feels so jarring these days.
“First, the entire show feels like a gated community: Let’s live among people who are identical to ourselves and shut out all the others. Throwing in a black lesbian or a deaf one doesn’t change anything to the suffocating sameness that binds the characters.
“Second, the precepts followed by these women—except for Kit, Tasha and Max—include crushing the ‘little people,’ lying, cheating, abusing power, consuming conspicuously, worshipping money and appearances.”

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