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Clint’s Next Oscar Movie

His “Gran Torino” may have been neglected by Oscar voters, but Clint Eastwood is getting set … Read more »

Another Super Bowl Favorite

Several LemonWade readers have emailed to suggest another beloved Super Bowl ad: “Cat Herders,” for EDS. … Read more »

No Wonder It Was A Hit

The title character of Philippe Boesmans’s “Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy,” which had its world premiere at … Read more »

Reason To Live: Astley On Tour

Yes, that fashion-challenged icon of 1980s pop, Rick Astley, is performing again. Re-live the magic here.

Priests Strut Down The Catwalk

Priests have just staged a fashion show in England. Of course, clergy have been style queens … Read more »

Austen: Fictional Fusion Cuisine

As if dealing with Mr. Darcy weren’t enough, Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine of Jane Austen’s “Pride … Read more »

A Helpful Note On Today’s Video

Today’s LemonWade Video features comedian Bill Hicks (pictured) speaking about being censored. Why feature this today? … Read more »