Vanity Fair Alters Heath Pic

actors-directors-0903-pp09In Vanity Fair’s March issue, photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped shots of acclaimed actors and their directors. Kate Winslet and hubbie Sam Mendes, who teamed up for “Revolutionary Road,” strike a pose. There’s Sean Penn and Gus Van Sant, who worked together on “Milk.” And, oddly, there’s Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan (pictured) of “The Dark Knight.” Of course, Ledger died more than a year ago, so one might ask: where did the photo come from? The answer: 2005. The shot of Ledger was apparently taken while he was promoting “Brokeback Mountain.” Editors digitally added Nolan and voilá. I tend to think the photo’s in questionable taste, but magazine reps insist they took great care and worked “with permission.” Um, who gave permission? Heath’s ghost?

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