Blossom: Was She Or Wasn’t She?

dear190Blossom Dearie (pictured), the jazz pixie with a little-girl voice and pageboy haircut who was a fixture in New York and London nightclubs for decades, died on Saturday at her apartment in Greenwich Village. She was 82.” That’s Stephen Holden, from his obituary in the New York Times. Left unexplored in the article was Dearie’s private life. All I’ll say is that her rendition of “Put On A Happy Face” is the first cut on the soundtrack to the lesbian movie classic “Kissing Jessica Stein.”

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  1. I saw Blossom once and she was accompanied by a woman who I just assumed was her daughter. I later met a woman who lived in her building and she said that Blossom didn’t have any daughters but that one specific woman, who apparently had lived with her, was in an ugly tug of war over Blossom’s apt. and belongings. She didn’t come out and say it…but she seemed to be pointing towards it.

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